miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

Student throws water on Minister of Education

An student-teacher activity being held with the participation of the Minister of Education, Mónica Jiménez, took an unexpected turn this morning when the official became the target of an act of aggression from a student, who threw a glass of water in her face. The minister was one of the guest speakers at the Closing Day of Public Education Involvement Discussions, which calls on high school students, university students and teachers to address issues such as the General Education Law (LGE). The students belong to the Coordinating Assembly of University and High School Students (Aceus). The activity, which was being held at the Crown Plaza hotel, began to become tense as a group of students started to verbally confront the minister. The students hurled protests not only against the LGE, but also in relation to arrests that have been made during the various demonstrations that have taken place in recent weeks. (EMOL 14/07/2008)

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