lunes, 28 de agosto de 2006

I'm not happy

I'm not happy. I gave the students their first written test in this term last Tuesday and they did terribly. It means that they didn't learn anything in the past two weeks. Nevertheless we spent our three last periods reviewing the text for the test. I made questions about the text and I helped them to find the lines where the answers were. We even corrected the exact written questions and answers and I suggested how to prepare them when they studied for the test. Still, as I said before, most of them did terribly because they didn't study as they told me. I don't want to blame my students, but I've learnt that many students don't like being "forced" to study what they don't want to study. That's it.

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Evelyn Meza dijo...

Hola profe!! tanto tiempo, mi nombre es Evelyn Meza y en mi epoca de estudiante de Basica lo tuve a usted como flamante profesor de Frances, ke linda experiencia si hasta cante el "Oh Canda"!!! frente al colegio...por ahi por el año... 96'97'..estaba en septimo mas o menos, yo sali el año 2000 de aquella generacion del cuarto medio B tan revolucionaria jajajaja.
Bueno Profe un agrado haber encontrado su blog, y poder asi tener noticias de usted, ya que mis recuerdos con toda la comunidad del colegio son muy lindos.
Le deseo lo mejor!!!

pm dijo...

Merci Evelyn. Moi aussi je suis content de ton message.
Ton professeur.